About Us

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Intellenet is a Top 10 Cyber Security Executive Search Firm specializing in building out information technology teams and firms.

We fill three kinds of roles:

  1. Customer Facing Roles and sales and sales engineering and customer support for vendors on a permanent placement basis.
  2. Data Science and Machine learning talent on a contract OR permanent basis.
  3. Security Engineers on a contract OR permanent basis.

Hire Customer Facing Professionals – Permanent Placements

We fill C-level and individual contributor roles including:

  • Sales Professionals (Direct or Channel)
  • Sales Engineers
  • Product Managers/Product Marketing
  • Customer Success Pros

Hire Data Scientists and Machine learning talent – Contract Staffing or Permanent placement

Some of the Data Science Roles we fill:

  • Actuarial Associate
  • Statistical Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • Insights Manager
  • Research Analyst
  • Head of Analytics

Hire Security Engineers – Contract Staffing or Permanent Placements

Some of the Security engineering roles we fill:

  • SIEM/Splunk Engineers
  • Identity Management Engineers/Developers
  • Incident Responders
  • Penetration Testers
  • Vulnerability Management Engineers
  • GRC Consultants

Our consultants are experts in their field and are trained and certified to assess compliance with a number of different industry and government requirements including:

  • ISO 27001-2
  • GLBA
  • SOX

They are available to assist your team for short or long-term assignments. We pride ourselves in promptly filling your urgent contract needs and offer full transparency to both clients and contractors.

Our philosophy is succinct: It’s all about talent! No company can expect to beat the competition unless it has the best human capital. Our executive recruiting consultants have one focus: find the “employed non-looker,” the passive candidate who is an “A” player and bring them to you, our client.

Contract Staffing is a short term solution for your long term goals. Our team of talented recruiters will work to find you the ideal candidate for your temporary need. Contract workers provide flexibility and expertise to solve your challenges with surprising speed.  Contractors can make an impact on projects, expertly fill temporary openings and provide special skills or experience when and where you need it.

Our consultants are experts in their field and available to assist your team for short or long-term assignments – they may just be the best way to get the job done NOW before you are breached again!

Why Us?

We have 18+ years’ experience building out cyber security teams across North America. This means, we can walk you into any major city in the country and start by calling people we’ve known for the last 5-10 years who we know to be exceptional and sell them your story!

It’s a reality that the candidate shortage will continue to grow worse in the upcoming years.   For that reason you’ll find exceptional value in partnering with a search firm that will recruit only the best talent. Our team here at Intellenet provides clients with the tools they need to offset this shortage and meet hiring needs.

We will continue to be relentless in our goal of providing our clients with the “A” talent they deserve and expect. We pride ourselves in promptly filling your hiring needs and offer full transparency to both clients and candidates.

Ready to Get Started or Learn More?

We welcome the opportunity to give you all the details of our services and to customize a solution to meet your specific needs. Call us or email for more information.

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 Tom Crahen – Owner

Tom Crahen started his recruiting business in 1999. Tom is a veteran of the industry (McAfee, and a firm now part of Netscout) and considers himself a recovering product manager. He was named a top producing owner by MRI in the Pacific Region for 2015. He is very proud of the repeat business he does with clients based on consistent delivery of great talent and the integrity to walk away from bad business. Tom is a fitness aficionado, technology enthusiast and proud dad of 2 young sons, ages 14 and 17.

Priyanshi Singhal – Research Assistant

Priyanshi is native to India with a background in Information Technology. She is a Research Assistant for the firm. She is a hardworking woman and loves cooking, painting, reading, and board games.