Resume Tips

The average employer spends less than 10 seconds reading a resume.

Your resume has fewer than ten seconds to sell your skills and pique interest. Would yours make the cut? If not, welcome to the Resume Helper. We’ve outlined the basics you need to create a successful resume that’ll earn you an interview.

Your resume is your most important calling card in your job search. It should include the following information:

Being Black and White we see 2 kinds of resumes:

  • What they Want to See: Achievement Oriented
  • What Our clients discard: Job description Resumes (You tell us about your job; not your successes).

Most of our clients know what a given job does. What they want to see is what you have done that sets you apart.

  • As a sales person did you consistently make your quota; earn club trips or close large transactions?
  • As a marketing person; did your efforts result in new business; new products or favorable press and analyst opinion that helped drive new business?

Learn About Accomplishments Employers Want To See

Spelling/grammar: Many clients feel that if a resume is not spell and grammar checked that this is indicative of sloppy work habits. If you cant spell check your resume how will you handle that critical message in an email you are writing to a key prospect?

Save your money on the resume writing service. We’ve never seen a paid resume that was worth what was paid for it. Resume writers DON’T think like our clients. Have a few friends (or managers ) in the industry review it.

Contact Information. Include phone, mail and email contact information. In addition, make sure your voicemail message is professional. A message that is too casual can create a negative impression.

Career Objective. You may choose to list or not list your career objective. If your objective doesn’t match the recruiter’s needs, you may miss out on a golden opportunity. However, a clearly stated career objective can help your recruiter find your ideal career match.

Summary Statement. Your summary should be brief.

  1. Include your title and years of experience.
  2. List pertinent skills.
  3. Discuss your character traits or work style.

Example: “Financial Accountant with over 10 years’ experience with two Fortune 500 companies. Technical skills include P&L, budgeting, forecasting and variance reporting. Bilingual in Spanish and English. Self-starter who approaches every project in a detailed, analytical manner.”


“Business Development professional with more than 10 years experience in marketing equipment leases to direct middle market companies. Especially familiar with structuring operating, tax, and money-over-money lease products in the machine tool market. Great presentation skills and the ability to work in a fast, demanding environment”

Accomplishments Employers Want To See

  1. Sales Resumes: Made your quota; earned club trips; closed large deals
  2. Marketing: Successful Products, Product Launches; Positioning within the Analyst Community
  3. Business Development: Successful OEM, or SI business resulting in real revenues; culminating in a trade sale
  4. Increased revenues; large deals, percent of quota
  5. Saved Cost or Saved Money
  6. Increased Productivity or Efficiencies
  7. Cut overhead
  8. Created New products/new lines that were successful
  9. Improved record keeping process
  10. Increased productivity
  11. Successful advertising campaign

Good Job Tenure. Most of our clients want to see good job tenure. 4 jobs in 5 years is NOT good job tenure. Ask yourself is the grass really greener or am I leaving something that I could succeed at if I gave my all?

Professional Experience. List each position held in reverse chronological order, dating back at least ten years. If you held multiple positions within the same company, list them all to show advancement and growth. The body of each position description should describe your responsibilities and accomplishments.

Other Components. Include education, professional training, affiliations/appointments, licenses, technical skills and languages.

Personal Information. Do not include personal information such as marital status.

Don’t Forget! Include your highest level of education completed, the year you graduated, and any honors you received -List all professional training, licenses, languages, or other outside skills that an employer might appreciate -Proofread and spell check your resume as many times as you can. Who wants to miss out on a career opportunity because of a typo or sloppy grammar?

Extra Tips

Feature-Accomplishment-Benefit: Here’s a format to help organize your skills and present your accomplishments.

  • Feature: the actual responsibilities
  • Accomplishment: the performing of responsibilities
  • Benefit: how your performance affected your employer

Example: Enterprise Sales Professional

  • Feature: Bay Area Enterprise Sales Professional
  • Accomplishment: Earned Club trips the last 5 years consecutively
  • Benefit: Will Rapidly Become a Producer for you because I’ve consistently produced in the past

Combine these sentences, and you’ve created career-selling features in a FAB Statement:

  • Feature: Top producing As a Bay Area Enterprise Sales Professional
  • Accomplishment: I have achieved club trips every year for the last 5 years and have consistently earned club trips in my first year
  • Benefit: I will immediately become productive for your firm because I know the industry and have consistently earned club trips my first year.

Example: VP of Business Development

  • Situation: Company wanted to develop business with other ISVs and SI (Systems Integrators) and ultimately find a buyer
  • Solution: Created and implemented market penetration strategy resulting in product bundles with Oracle, IBM, and co-selling relationships with Novell; netting 10m per year. In addition drove 4m busines/ year thru relationships with Sis like Accenture and Deloitte. 6 out of 10 of our largest deals last year were driven by these relationships.
  • Outcome: Firm was acquired by Oracle based on a relationship that I created and drove.