Intellenet Mutual Expectations Form

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Mutual Expectations Commitment
What you can expect from Intellenet

  1. Develop a detailed search plan and dedicate sufficient time to generate quality candidates within 2-3 weeks from start of engagement.
  2. Pre-qualify all candidates thoroughly and provide you with detailed information on skills and background, compensation as well as motive for considering change.
  3. Share accountability for interviews, will make you aware of any time constraints, candidate’s perspective, and coordinate interviews(s) in the field and at corporate headquarters as required.
  4. Prepare you for each interview with additional specifics and candidate motivations on each candidate and cover any issues that are critical to attracting the highest quality candidates. Will provide detailed feedback from candidate and act as your representative to navigate you through any issues faced.
  5. Provide you with a regular status update of search progress, candidates in process, potential candidates, and market feedback.
  6. Answer all calls and emails within 4 hours unless in crunch time and then sooner. Provide you with all of my contact information to reach me at any time by phone or email.
  7. Act as your representative to secure a candidate you want to hire and will partner with you and the candidate through the offer, acceptance, resignation, possible counter offer, and on boarding process.
  8. Will maintain strict confidentiality and integrity with all information shared in complete confidence.

Mutual Expectations Commitment
What Intellenet Expects from you:

  1. Share all information in a timely manner relevant to search (changes, time frames, other candidates in process from internal efforts or other recruiters, etc.) process.
  2. Timely response to all calls and emails i.e. within 24 hours of call or email.
  3. Flexibility with interview schedules to secure best candidates quickly.
  4. Client understands that search priority will be given to firm interview process with committed interview dates. Send me the resume and I’ll call them if I’m interested will yield less effort than I’ll be onsite March 28.
  5. Decision to proceed or not proceed with candidate within 24-48 hours after submittal of Candidate or Interview.
  6. Your commitment to preparation and debrief before/after each interview and understanding of reasons for passing on candidates.
  7. Decision on go/no go and offer within 48 hours after final interview.