Work for intellenet

At Intellenet we look for people who are very competitive and have strong interests in business, preferably with a Business or Marketing degree.

We have 3 different kinds of jobs:

  1. Account Executives (AE): Sales oriented find clients (business development and sales and finds and places great candidates).
  2. Marketing Project Coordinators (MPC): Sales and marketing oriented – Create a strategy to fill a job (a project); identify and target top talent for our clients positions.
  3. Administrative and Operations: Provides back-end operations support for MPCs and AEs.


In my business we recruit passive candidates who didn’t ask for a call. On the business development side we engage clients with cold calls.  It takes a bit of a thick skin- eg: the ability to persevere through a NO to get to yes – like sports

This will give you more of a feel as to whether this business is about eg: the payoff is great if you are comfortable with periodic rejection (focusing on the successes not the setbacks).

The best times to walk through these scenarios (on the phone) are usually lunchtimes (eg: 11:30 to 12:30 ) or after 3:30 M-F

Please pick a time that works for you and call or email Tom Crahen at 831-426-1629 to schedule a time to talk thru these scenarios 

You will need at least an hour to prep for this- winging it doesn’t work in our business.

Please download the following training documents: 

Role Play Scenarios
Joe’s Resume  


Under candidate information preparing for an interview please include

  1. Preparing For Your Interview
  2. Tips From The Trenches: Interviewing

Job Display is to include 3 fields from PC Recruiter

Job title , Domain Experience abnd location (city and state)

– without domain experience this listing is useless to us